Bongo star Zakayo Magulu with Steven Kanumba photo
Bongo star Zakayo Magulu with the late Steven Kanumba.

Bongo star Zakayo Magulu dies after a short illness. The Photographer, Video editor and actor died yesterday while undergoing treatment in one of the hospitals in Tanzania.

Who is Zakayo Magulu? He was born in Kigoma. He rose to fame after shooting and acting a movie that made the late Steven Charles Kanumba shoot to fame. 

The Uncle JJ Kanumba movie made a name through the expertise of Zakayo Magulu.

The name of Zakayo Magulu was not new by that time, especially those who watch Tanzania choirs.

Zakayo began his carrier in video shooting and photographing when he shot the tape of Revival Magomeni choir with Mtitu Game Studios and before recording late Kanumba movies.

In 2011, Zakayo became the best photographer and cameraman shooting videos with different studios apart from the late Kanumba movies in Tanzania.

His death is a big blow to the family of the late Kanumba as most of the Kanumba Movies management was left under his care. 

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