Bongo music star Lulu Abbas ‘Lulu Diva’ says Dogs are more loving than humans, so people should not take the animals for granted.

Talking to Global publishers newspaper in Tanzania, the good-looking woman of her kind said that she was amazed at how people were ridiculing famous Bongo actress Wema Sepetu when she lost her dog,  cried so much to the point of announcing a 2 million fortune.

"They don't know how the Dog was giving happiness and peace of mind every time she came home," Lulu said.

"People do not Dogs are more loving than humans, because humans are sometimes very hostile but Dogs are very different creatures, if you teach the dog and guide the creature to what you want then they will follow you the same way. "

" I have a dog at home, that is if he is sick and I am also sick, so people should leave her alone. I know how much Werma is hurting because I also have a dog, " she concluded.


Bongo music star Lulu Abbas ‘Lulu Diva’ photo

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