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Former Miss Tanzania and actress Wema Sepetu boyfriend opens up to the media about why dating the actress was hard and had to quit the relationship.

Speaking in Kigoma, Wema Sepetu boyfriend said it was hard to satisfy her because of unnatural thirsty.

" She wants me to make love with her for over 12 hours. She wants it done from to 9.00 am every weekend, " he said.

" Can anyone here do that? Nobody in this world can go for 12 hours. I had a well-satisfied ex-girlfriend before Wema. I'm done with that relationship, " he said. 


" I'm very fertile but it is not a ticket to misuse it. That uses a lot of energy and doing it on weekly bases was hard. I become emaciated. "

The boyfriend was talking to Kigoma TV after rumours of a break up ensued online.

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