Bridget Achieng accused the gospel artist Ringtone Apoko of rape charges, Ringtone Apoko arrested


Bridget Achieng and Ringtone photo

Nairobi businesswoman Bridget Achieng says he can call out Ringtone for rape now because she has access to a few million. 

She claims that Ringtone raped her over 8 years ago. 

"Some ladies looking for attention and clout. Ringtone refutes claims of physical and rape assaulting Bridget Achieng, " Ringtone says.

No evidence shows Ringtone raped Bridget Achieng but because she moved from the poverty levels, she decided to revive the case.

"Ringtone had offered to help me produce some of my songs, the only thing I was to do is go to his studio which was in his house,"  said Bridget Achieng.

" He raped me and blackmailed. he decided to covered up the moves and I was not able. For now, I'm able to take him to court, " she added. 

Ringtone throws unprintable insults at Bridget Achieng after accusing him of an assault

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