Can Kenyans march to statehouse despite hunger and pandemic

Can people march to Statehouse in Kenya and the middle of the pandemic? The answer is NO as explained by revolutionary experts. 

Revolution is brought by people who are tired of certain leadership and whose majority have been impoverished by a certain class. 

However according to users online, "Empty stomachs can’t keep social distances, jobs have perished, can’t bring food on the table, politicians are busy on BBI to create more positions after the end of their term. None is thinking of the ordinary Kenyan."

The state has failed to fight the COVID-19 pandemic. They are discussing BBI other than fight the real enemy that Kenya has at hand.

Marching to statehouse kenya


"President Uhuru doesn't even relate or understand the struggles of the Mwananchi who live in the informal settlements. He doesn't consider low-income people when taking these drastic decisions, " others criticised the President.

"Health should be the priority, Kenyans demand for better health care services. Kenyans cannot continue losing more lives while looking for searching better services. A good health care system is the only solution and where everyone should access it, " critics added.

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