Dear IMF, enough is enough, stop loaning Kenya... Kenyans urge IMF to drop Sh 255 loan

 Kenyans flock to social media asking IMF to stop loaning Kenya.  The move comes after IMF approved Sh 255 Billion loan by the executive board for COVID-19 and other related activities.

" The Money you loan Kenya only benefits few individuals, yet the common person and with the great-grandchildren will be forced to pay up these loans in a system already set against them. Sign the petition, " says one Twitter user Sarah. 


President Uhuru Kenyatta alleged that he can authoritatively tell that Ksh. 2bn will be stolen daily. President Uhuru Kenyatta said the allegations during a vernacular talk with Mt. Kenya region stations at Statehouse.

" Dear IMF, enough is enough. Kenyans are tired of the loans that are daily stolen as the economy is killed. We don't need, " another user posted.

IMF, Kenya has corrupt leaders, kenyans cry on IMF photo

" KSh 2 Billion is stolen in Kenya every day. The government has set aside Kes 14b for the BBI referendum Uhuru locked 5 counties citing the spread of Covid-19, jobs were lost but no plans to cushion Kenyans who were affected. DEAR IMF, please stop loaning Kenya, " another posted.


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