[FOOTAGE] My Life in Crime actor Ojiambo Ainea accidental shoot a security guard at Moi Avenue


actor Ojiambo Ainea photo at Moi Avenue
Actor Ojiambo Ainea

Probe underway after an incident involving a security guard manning a premise was killed in a strange shooting incident on Moi Avenue.

The incident happened after popular actor Ojiambo Ainea was confronted by two thugs while having a chat with a lady on the Avenue.

According to the CCTV footage of the event, Ojiambo was talking to a woman before two thugs came straight to him and began fighting him.

The actor quickly drew his gun and fired at the two thugs, who had begun running after seeing the gun, but missed the target and hit a security guard on the head. He died on spot.

Coincidentally, also civilian passing by was sadly hit by a “stray bullet” during the incident.

The victim was raced to the hospital with police pledging to examine the matter and prosecute anyone suspected to have committed an offence.

The body of the guard has been taken to City Mortuary awaiting an autopsy report as police continue with the probe.

Sources indicate that Ojiambo was taken by police officers to Central Police Station for questioning.

Ainea Ojiambo, is a Kenyan actor. He is best known for the roles in the films The Constant Gardener, Bullion and Jack Zollo: My Life in Crime

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