Tanzania Interpreter Matungwa Mutatina photo
Tanzania Interpreter Matungwa Mutatina.

Tanzania Interpreter Matungwa Mutatina, who sparked an online chat on the day of the funeral of the late Dr John Pombe Magufuli at the Jamhuri Stadium in Dodoma, said that what happened to him was not a failure to translate the words but a technical problem.

Speaking with EATV, the interpreter said he could not hear properly due to Mechanical problems. But he was forced to continue claiming the move to be upon the organizers. 

"The situation shocked me a little. What happened was not that I could not translate the words but there were technical reasons, " he said.

The Interpreter added that people should be patriotic and correct themselves for what happened because there were many things done correctly. 

 Mr Matungwa Mutatina was interpreting during the official send-off ceremony to the late Dr John Pombe Magufuli but people have ridiculed him and laughed at what he was interpreting.

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