I have no regrets about working with Uhuru... DP William Ruto said
Deputy President William on Citizen Tv

Deputy President William Ruto interviewed by citizen tv editor Linus Kaikai.  He revealed his ambition for 2022. 

DP William Ruto, " I have no regrets whatsoever…I have done the best I could…I think we have done well. Maybe there would have been room for improvement but I am satisfied with my performance as Deputy President."

“You cannot with certainty say that you monitor when I talk or not talk to my boss…admittedly we have challenges …It is in the public domain that the way we worked up until 2017 is different to the way we work now. It is a choice of style…”

“The role of a DP is that of principal deputy to the President. My role is to advise the President. He has many advisors and he chooses who advises him and who he consults.”

“I do not think we have an Opposition in Kenya anymore…That is the former leader of Opposition.”

“The President has broken no law…he has chosen a different style and it is his prerogative…My advice, when sought, has been forthright and honest…”

“If the President decides to elevate other people, consult more with the former leader of Opposition, I have taken it with grace. You have not heard me complain…”
said DP William Ruto. 


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