Incoming Kilifi Senator George Kithi photo
Incoming Kilifi Senator George Kithi meets Kilifi artists. FILE

Incoming Kilifi Senator George Kithi meets Kilifi artists in a move to change the Talent nurturing perspective after being neglected by the current leadership for a long time.

Lawyer George Kithi met differents artists at Country Resort in Mtwapa. The entertainment industry in Kilifi has been hit by the pandemic.

The lawyer met different artist organizations in the County for empowerment and consultative meeting.

There has been little to no empowerment in the industry with the majority of artists left out in the Government funds meant to cushion them against the virus pandemic.

" This is in line with my vision of empowering our youths through their artistic work, " he said.

" From the meeting, I realised they have been left out by the county. There are sports funds/ Youth funds as well, but it has not been well utilised for the benefit of the intended, " he added.


Incoming Kilifi Senator George Kithi meets Kilifi artists

The move comes after meeting Bango artists who expressed concerns about their welfare. The lawyer in the consultative discussion with Bango artists asked them to form a SACCO to enhance their efficiency and get helped.

"The obligation we have as leaders is to help them to have access to different forms of the market in the Music Industry. This means there should be quality music and video production, " he added.


" We need to create a foundation for the upcoming artists and in the next generation. It should not like a hand to mouth entertainment work but a sustainable living in generations, " he concluded.

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