Iraq nationals hack Popular Kenyan artist Nameless Instagram account

David Mathenge alias Nameless photo with Wahu Kagwi
David Mathenge and his wife Wahu.


Celebrated Kenyan artist David Mathenge alias Nameless lost his Instagram handle to Iraqi hackers.

Kenyans on social media pages immediately noticed the uncomfortable and embarrassing posts on the famous musician’s account.

Shortly after reports eddied around regarding the hacking, his wife Wahu Kagwi confirmed.

“Hey family, we are working to fix the issue encompassing Nameless’s Instagram account after it was hacked. For now, politely ignore any post coming from the Nameless Kenya account,” said Wahu in a statement.

Currently, Nameless’ account has erratic posts, including videos with a flag of the war-stricken Middle Eastern country.
Nameless’ fans overflowed the commentary section of the post and banged the hackers with anger.

“What will you benefit from hacking someone’s account and posting inappropriate message?" some of the nameless fans posted.

Adongo Kyalo, a digital strategist, noted that one could recover a hacked account by grasping the social platform’s guidelines.

Social platforms such as Instagram and Facebook provide a step by step guide, which users can use towards recovering their account while blocking out any third party questionable actions.

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