Justice Marete Njagi: I managed well two cows and Coffee at Chuka, will quickly learn the job


Justice Marete Njagi  photo

Justice Marete Njagi explains that he is the best candidate to fit to be the Chief Justice of Kenya.

Talking to JSC on Thursday, Judge Marete said his track record speaks for himself.

Justice Matere told the commission to go to Chuka at his farm and see how he takes care of his two cows or his coffee farm.

 “I am capable of this job, even my coffee shamba will tell you I'm capable,” he said.

Justice Matere has never served such a big office in his past work, he said Sheria house speaks for itself and given the chance to be CJ he is equal to the task.

Asked why his private practice only lasted 11 months before he looking for employment, he answered saying the private practice is not his cup of tea because he is a public servant.

“I realized I was not a politician so I came back to pursue my profession. I have always known I am not a practitioner. There are so many things I can do with law but not as a practitioner. I have my limitations. Private legal practice is not my thing,” said the judge.

“In the first parliament most of the cabinet ministers were in their 30s but we strolled through. Jomo Kenyatta was a freedom fighter and not a president before but we walked through. To gauge what I am capable of doing look at my work at Sheria house. We have not been to these big offices because no one has given us the opportunity,” he said.

When given the chance to be CJ, he said he will learn quickly and will be able to lead the judiciary.

“I don’t see any link between being a CJ and a legal practitioner. This is a public office any leader can lead particularly if you are fast.”

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