ministry of health, CS Mutahi Kagwe  photo
Ministry of Health, CS Mutahi Kagwe

 Private importation, distribution and administering of covid-19 vaccines banned by the ministry of health, CS Mutahi Kagwe has announced as predicted earlier.

Earlier the CS health told the Senate Health Committee that Dinlars Pharm, the company that imported Sputnik Covid-19 vaccine followed the due process of the law and was approved by the Pharmacy and Poisons Board and are free to roll out the vaccine.

"Anyone offering COVID-19 vaccine at a fee is in contravention of Poisons Board regulations and will be liable for prosecution, " Health CS Kagwe says.

“Those who took the Sputnik V vaccine are assured of their second dose. We are going to work with the importer together with PPB and the vaccination centres to ensure that those who have received the vaccine will get their second dose…” said Dr Patrick Amoth.

“The vaccines being used in Kenya have been cleared by two institutions; WHO and Pharmacy and Poisons Board (PPB). If a vaccine has not been cleared by WHO it will not be used in Kenya, whether it is being used in other countries or not”  Health CS Mutahi Kagwe added.

“There will be no licensing of private players in the importation of vaccines and any such license given will be and is hereby terminated… The only agent for vaccination in Kenya will remain the government of the Republic of Kenya until further notice” added the health CS Mutahi Kagwe.

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