Kenyans with bicycle selling bread in Kenya.

Manufacturers want to pass the added cost of wheat to consumers. Consequently, consumers now will have to dig deeper in their pockets to finance their breakfast.


The price of bread set to increase by between 5 shillings and 8 shillings. Kenyans have negatively reacted to the move but the manufacturers are set to continue with the pricing.

Manufacturers had raised bread prices by the same margin early in January. However, they had to decrease the prices after supermarkets failed to increase the prices.

Retailers are now selling a 400-gram loaf of Superloaf bread at 55 shillings. Previously, it was retailing at 50 shillings. 800g of Festive bread is now retailing at 100 shillings from 92 shillings.

“We are getting bread at Sh45 from wholesalers and selling the same at Sh55 following the recent adjustments by bakers,” he said.

Middle-income Kenyans eat bread for breakfast every morning. Because the cost of milk also went up, the price increase will be felt countrywide.

The managing director of Broadway Group of Companies, Mr Bimal Shah, said that the price increase was inevitable. He noted that wheat prices have increased. Currently, a tonne of wheat costs Kshs. 34,240. Last year, the price was Kshs. 25,300.

“We have witnessed a significant increase in the cost of wheat. This, coupled with the high cost of other ingredients, has made it necessary for us to increase the price of bread,” he said.


The Cost of fuel is also set to increase this month after EPRA projections end. 

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