MP Babu Owino is a national embarrassment... Netizens criticise him for defending KEMSA thieves


MP Babu Owino on KEMSA saga photo
MP Babu Owino on KEMSA saga.

"The reason I am defending Murathe is that Murathe was never given a tender worth KSh4 billion and they never supplied, so there was no KSh4 billion involved," MP Babu Owino said during the KEMSA scandal probe at the parliament when Jubilee Vice Chairman David Murathe appeared.

Jubilee Vice Chair David Murathe was being questioned about his role in the KEMSA tenders scam. Former Kilig Ltd Director Wilbroad Gachoka also questioned.

"We know you want to finish Murathe. This is not a laughing matter if you're ever honoured to sit where I am," Babu Owino said over the KEMSA scandal probe.

However, Kenyans took to social media criticising the Embakasi East MP for defending the national fraudsters who defrauded the country under critical condition.

"It’s sad to see elected leaders like Babu Owino making a fool of themselves in a parliamentary committee that is meant to oversight how taxpayers money was lost. What a clown, Mohamed Onyango said.

Babu Owino: "I am defending Hon. Murathe as he was never given a tender worth Ksh. 4 Billion and they never supplied. We fight those who stole money"

" How do voters in Embakasi East represented by Babu Owino feel seeing their mp with two degrees behave more as monkeys leave alone children. It is shameful," said Wakoli Kelvin.

" It's quite embarrassing that President Uhuru Kenyatta said in 21 days, we'd have known KEMSA thugs. But when it emerged likes of Murathe were culprits, he pulled back, only to fire Kembi Gitura, a small fish! Babu Owino is busy defending Murathe, " Abuga Makori posted.

" In a country where politics supersede reasoning, corruption thrives all the time. David Murathe now blaming DP Ruto over the KEMSA scandal. Babu Owino standing for Murathe. Uhuru redeploys Kembi Gitura who should be a witness, " Abuga added.

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