Senior Police knocked by an angry motorbyke rider as he mans COVID-19 roadblock


Pangani OCS Samir Yunus manning road photo

Pangani OCS Samir Yunus wounded on Sunday night when a speeding motorcycle hit him at a COVID-19 roadblock in Pangani, Nairobi.

The Senior Police officer was guarding the roadblock along Dr Griffin Road at night with other officers.

Officials said Chief Inspector Yunus nursed head injuries in the fall.

He was admitted to a nearby hospital. The cyclist was later arrested and the motorcycle confiscated.

The cyclist told the authorities he lost control as he rushed home to beat the 8 pm curfew. The accident occurred at 8.30 pm.

The Senior officer was among officers garrisoning the roadblock to achieve the Covid-19 curfew laws.

Police officials installed roadblocks around the city.

On the second day, some motorists were arrested for breaking the rules. Police along Thika Road ignited a bonfire to warm those held in a long traffic queue.

Motorists were obliged to proceed after being held for more than an hour.
On Saturday night, it took two hours before police eventually released drivers through the roadblocks after 11 pm.

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