[VIDEO] Ghanaian female Pastor uses breasts sucking for Holy Breast Milk summon and miracles


Ghanaian pastor giving holy breast milk to congregants photo and video
Ghanaian pastor giving holy breast milk to congregants. 

Ghanaian pastor lights up the internet after giving holy breast milk to her congregants especially men who want quick miracles.

The pastor says she receives the holy spirit and disseminate it to the male congregants by sucking her breasts. 

The Ghanaian female Pastor offered her breast to male church members to suck for claimed quick miracles.

As seen in the video, a female Pastor giving male members Holy Breast milk. The funny bit is how she mourns 'Hallelujah' when the male member takes things seriously.

Others took to social media the modern church madness in the name of preparing the way for eternal life.


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