Mtwapa bridge photos and news

A Bizzare incident alleged to have happened at Mtwapa bridge in the morning on Wednesday after a man threw himself from the bridge.

A guy drove from his home beside his wife and is said to have been quarrelling.

The unidentified man reached the centre of the bridge, made a stopover that caused a huge traffic jam.

" We saw a man coming from his car. Inside the car, there was a woman.  That incident caused a huge traffic jam, " a witness said.

He alleged requested his wife to wait for him to take a burning short call but instead, he immediately throws himself into the ocean.

" We saw him talking to his woman. Immediately, he went to the rams and threw himself into the Indian Ocean. I was in a Matatu heading to town, " added the witness.

The lady inside could not see him back but she heard lots of noise from people shouting only to realise that her husband had committed suicide.

The story is a hoax. The event never took place in Nyali but at Mtwapa bridge several years ago.

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