Will K24 TV air the Champions League final today?


Will K24 TV air the Champions League final? K24 TV under MediaMax has no rights to air the match. Manchester City will be playing with Chelsea at the final that will take place in Portugal.

The match will be live across various media channels worldwide and Kenyans are praying that a local media house might be airing the matches.

However, it is not ascertained but KBC may bring the match live while Azam through ZBC will air the finals.

For the media house to get the live event, they need to obtain airing rights from the governing bodies of those football matches.

The Champions League final is much awaited as it brings 2 top-quality teams from the English Premier League. One finished at the top and the other came at third place and qualifying for the next competition.

Other channels include: Supersport on DSTV, Skysports in UK and BeIn Sports in Asia


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