3 brothers arrested for sleeping with a cow in turns overnight
Resident arrest suspects who slept with a cow

Three youthful brothers detained at Nandi police after being arrested for sleeping with a cow that later died.

The three took turns for several rounds while the cow was tied on a tree in the wee hours.

Residents Chepterwai village woke up to terrifying news after the cow was found dead near Teresia Forest.

As reported by the owner of the cow, Kimaiyo Kiyos, the suspects have been staying in the forest along with the Nandi escapement.

“The cow was missing in the cowshed in the morning. After we began an inquiry we found it dead just near the forest, 500 meters away from home,” he recited.

However, the animal was lying dead with signs of blood oozing on its reproductive organs.

“This is an abomination. We managed to recognize the criminals and one of them was detained by members of the public. We were shocked to find our sons were behind the unsavoury act,” Kimaiyo said.

“We suspect that the suspects were under the influence of drugs. We are calling upon the security team to heighten the investigation on the illicit brew and drugs that have influenced our children,” Kiyos appealed.

Nandi North Police Commander Jamleck Nyangauria substantiated that three of the suspects have been arrested after the owner of the cow reported to the Chepterwai police post.

The suspects were transported to the Kabiyet police station.

“They are set to be submitted before the court on Monday. It is such an unusual criminal act that we cannot reveal the details of the offenders at the moment,” OCPD Nyangauria said.

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