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The streak of losses strikes Jubilee Party and now leaders are demanding comprehensive reforms ahead of 2022.

The Members also propose to the party leader President Uhuru Kenyatta to remove vice-chairman David Murathe and secretary-general Raphael Tuju.

The duo is accused of being a stumbling block to the growth and vibrancy of the party that of late has become a theatre of fights.

Nakuru Governor Lee Kinyanjui said the changes have to take place failure to which Jubilee will attract no potential aspirants in August 2022 will and it will be dead.

The Governor added, “there is something wrong in the party that needs to be fixed as soon as possible”.

“I have nothing personal against Murathe and Tuju. They are good people but in terms of party management, we have lost it. We want new faces who can spur trust and attract new members as well as retaining those who are in now,” Kinyanjui said.

President Uhuru close friend said that the party is heading in the wrong direction.

The governor said sitting MCAs, senators, members of the National Assembly and governors who were elected on Jubilee and re allied to the President are being put in a precarious political situation as the party's plummeting fortunes puts their political careers at risk.

“People have respect for the President. He has good programmes for Kenyans, which are well outlined in the Jubilee manifesto. Members are worried that we are staring at bigger problems as we head to 2022. We need to put our house in order so that those of us who believe in the Jubilee programmes will carry on,” he said.

 “People should stop bragging, bullying and chest-thumping. It will not help anyone or the party. A political party is a vehicle for the aspirations of the people. Parties are not about individuals who want to express arrogance at the expense of the good deeds and future of the party.”

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