[PHOTOS] June Ruto engaged to Nigerian boyfriend Alex Ezenagu in a colourful ceremony


Deputy President William Ruto in-laws photo

Deputy President William Ruto receives his Nigerian in-laws at his Karen residence on Saturday, May 8, during the engagement party of his daughter June Ruto.

June Ruto is considered to be marrying her Nigerian boyfriend. He, alongside his family members, visited DP Ruto's family for the first time in a ceremony termed 'Koito'.

Soy MP Caleb Kositany is considered to have been driving dowry negotiations for the DP's daughter while the MC was Robert Kemei of Kass Media.

" Ready for the traditional wedding of Alex Ezenagu and June Ruto in Nairobi today," an in-law said.

In the ceremony, the groom's family, which include uncles, aunts, grandparents, parents and the clan welcomed into the room for dowry negotiations and to know each other well.

Afterwards, a formal presentation was done to prevent one from getting married to their family members.

Each clan in the Kalenjin community has a symbol animal to represent them, which they call 'Tiondo' and a clan title, 'Oret'.

Once the families are aware of their animals, both proceed to discuss dowry.

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