Magarini community gets boost as a candidate fights for Hell's Kitchen deepen worries

Incoming Kilifi Senator George Kithi  photo
Incoming Kilifi Senator George Kithi

Visiting hell's kitchen in Magarini the incoming Senator George Kithi said he will push for the incorporation of tourism resources to the locals within the heritage.

Boosting the tourism in the area, hell's kitchen has been long forgotten by the national heritage and the county respective departments.

The incoming Kilifi Senator added that the hell's Kitchen will be among the national tourist's sites and he will fight for it to be well recognised and feature in national events.

He maintained that the county tourism department should take the responsibility of leading and marketing the natural resource for the benefit of the people.

The incoming senator pledged to have tourist attraction sites be managed by the county and people associated with it to get the benefits directly from the county respective departments.

"The residents need to benefit from the revenue of the tourist attraction site. Workers need to be remunerated by the county government.

Accompanied by former CEC Mwalimu Menza, the incoming Senator urged the community to unite and put more value on the heritage through cabbing vandalism for the next generation.

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