Please stop him... Embarambamba almost hit by speed motorbike on a running episode


Embarambamba  photo

Kenya Film Classification Board Chief Executive Officer (KFCB) Ezekiel Mutua warned musician Embarambamba to slow down in his dramatic show or he hurts himself, however, the Kisii hitmaker almost knocked himself.

In a music video delivered by the impressive musician on May 3, Embarambamba speeds out of a bunch of thickets into the highway nearly colliding head-on with a speeding bodaboda.

In the choreographed video starring fellow Kisii musician Mr Ongengo, the two hitmakers chase each other back and forth, around thickets as Embarambamba presents his bravery in ‘gymnastics’.

On April 15, Mutua took an issue with Embarambamba’s different style of contemplating his fans where he interlocks in all manner of outrageous exploits.

“I have a feeling that Embarambara is a danger to himself and that his fans could be cheering self-destruction. Is this style sustainable? Is it even sane? Unlesuperhumaner human, this guy will hurt himself. Someone, please stop him!,” said Ezekiel Mutua.

In a Tweet, Mutua also encouraged artists not to do ‘weird’ things to please fans.

Embarambamba whose real name is Christopher Nyangwara is working tirelessly to cut a niche for himself in the music entertainment industry.

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