We all have different pasts, I will help my hubby raise Abby... Milly Wa Jesus reveal

Wa Jesus family photo
Kabi and Milly wa Jesus


After the confession that Kabi wa Jesus sired Abby with his cousin Shikoh, Milly Wa Jesus opens her heart saying she will support her husband despite having a tough past.

" Everyone has a past. I also have my past. He needs my support and it's there, " she said. 

His confession causes mixed reactions online and his wife Milly Wa Jesus has finally broken silence on the whole saga.

On her Insta Story commenting on the matter, Milly said she will fully support her husband in raising Abby.

“I understand that we all have a past. And sometimes that past is tough and hard to understand. But I am also a mother and I know that every child needs love and support from the parents,” she wrote.

“As a mother, I will do all that is possible to assist my husband to support Abby, and to make sure that she becomes integrated into our family,” she added on her Insta story.

These revelations come months after the WaJesus family did a video recording where Kabi dismissed siring a child with Shikoh.

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