PART 1: Why Most Business Investors Are Turning Away From Kenyan Music Artists


With the legend and king of Genge Jua Cali (Centre) and his wife at a past event in Nairobi
With the legend and king of Genge Jua Cali (Centre) and his wife at a past event in Nairobi

Kenya a land of opportunities where every investor is running towards this special land. A country which if you are in America or Europe and ask people to name five countries in Africa, it will appear third if not fourth After Nigeria and South Africa. 


Being one of the few vibrant Kenyan music entertainment journalists, whom I have been involved working with a good number of media houses across East Africa that is Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania, with Chocolate Magazine based in Accra Ghana increases that list and add West Africa on my CV as a columnists writing for an entertainment column. 


Currently am working for Simulizi Na Sauti #SNS media based in Dar es salaam Tanzania. Tanzania, where I have been working for big media houses on both Printing and mainstream media, mentioning just a few of the media houses, Bongo5, DizzimOnline (Owned by Sk Salaam, Diamond Platnumz's international manager), Swahiba FM (Zanzibar), Sunrise Radio (Arusha), Mtanzania news paper(as entertainment Columnists) and many more others. 


This is what I can say from my experience of working with Kenyan celebs and the reason why most investors are not interesting on putting their money to them.

With the legend and king of Genge Jua Cali (Centre) and his wife at a past event in Nairobi
One of my articles on my column at the Mtanzania newspaper


Humbleness is a virtue in which only 35% of our Kenya music artist has. Most of them they lack this virtue which plays a vital role especially in the music business world. How can you convince a person who don't know you to invest millions on you and you are showing ignorance openly. 


I have been play down to earth game with most Kenyan artists, trying to learn and understand them. Some even connecting them to potential donors or well-wishers, only in return its abusive salute. 


How do you expect an investor to support you or give you a long contract if you cant be honest to yourself? They always play to know everything and you can't give them advises since they are too smart than the investor since they a famous and well known. So they always take things for granted and if you are not going to be careful they will come up with silly story to deform your innocent name.

With the legend and king of Genge Jua Cali (Centre) and his wife at a past event in Nairobi
At Sunrise radio studio (Arusha Tanzania)


Most our Kenyan music artists main aim is to get fame and fast money, they don't care much more of making music to be part of their long term source of their daily bread. 


Most investors they would like to invest their money to projects which last for long. So before they do that, they would like to see how the intended music artist is able to do maintenance of the little they will be issued as handouts. 


Surprisingly, I witnessed some of these artists cheating the investors even with the little handouts they are being provided with. How do you expect the investor to take a step ahead and pull large some amount of money to your talent? This means most of our artists have no major plans to their future, hence we witness the down fall of big names in the Kenyan music history.

With Tanznian RnB music star and entrepreneur Juma Jux.


Music business is like any other business enterprise, it needs smart people who are organised and ready to provide solutions to the over recurring day after day challenges.


 This means one should be ready to work out with an organised team of people especially experts who will help them to propel their music  ideologies into business venture which will give up in return profit to them. 


This has been a major challenge to most of our Kenyan music stars, with 65% of them, would enjoy to spend all the money reaped from shows, endorsements and so on with friends or buying expensive things for show off. 


Hence it makes most investors to turn down business proposals from many of our music stars in fear of their money would vandalised in return.

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