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Even with fuel prices escalating every other day, Kenyans are still buying new cars. The buying trends show a good amount of vehicles sold every month, even with the pandemic. 

Does this mean that the middle-class Kenyans are not feeling the pinch of the hard times of this pandemic? 

Not really; it’s just that most Kenyans, predominantly the middle-class, have realized the effectiveness of owning a car exceeds its luxurious effect. 

Some are looking for small, compact, but efficient cars that fit their style, while others require a luxurious auto. 

After talking to some middle-class car owners, we learned why this breed of Kenyans owns cars daily. 

The top 5 reasons that stood out why they are buying cars include:

  1. Cars are pretty affordable now than in the past

In recent years, cars were owned by a small percentage of well-off Kenyans who could afford them. Today, most Kenyans can afford to buy and maintain a business car that doubles as a family car.


This is made possible by the manufacturers producing more vehicle models making them more accessible. Besides that, the most significant automobile assembly and sales country, Japan, has grown its used car sales by a substantial percentage, enabling Kenyans to become beneficiaries

As a result, it is easier and cheaper to buy a newer used SUV or hatchback, or sedan than it was before. With the Japanese disposing of most used cars, Kenyans are getting roadworthy vehicles at very affordable rates. 


This is one primary reason that is driving most middle-class Kenyans to own cars.

  2. Easy importation process

With the access to slightly used cars from Japan, the importation process is also straightforward. 

It only requires you to choose your type of car, the features you need and contract a car importation company. Then, after payment, it will take only a few weeks for your vehicle to arrive in Mombasa. 

The importation company will take care of all the logistics and customs clearance delivering your car to your doorstep. 

This easy process attracts most busy people to importing their car because they are sure to get the exact vehicle they ordered online. 

They don’t have to move from one showroom to another in search of a car. The online Japan market makes it easy for them.

  3. To avoid the matatu madness.

The public transport is not the best in our country, especially if you are using the crazy matatus to and from work daily. 

You are subjected to unforeseen high prices, lateness, and harassment every day. If you love your personal space and comfort, you will opt to get yourself a car to avoid the matatu menace. 

Matatus subjects you to loud noises in the name of music and wastes your time on the road as they stop by to pick other passengers. Most people choose to bring their automobiles to avoid getting caught up in the last-minute rush or missed appointments. 

Matatu galore kenya. Matatu Madness photo

   4. Easy Access to loans

In Kenya today, many financial institutions are willing to give loans to Kenyans. Saccos, banks, chamas, etc., are all giving out loans to its members. However, the interest sets them apart, with some being hefty while others low and manageable. So do your homework before going for a loan. 

Some private companies also allow their employees to get car loans directly deducted from their salaries, enabling many people to own cars. 

As long as you have a consistent salary every month, you can attract financial assistance to get a good car.

  5. High level of increased spending power

Kenyans are making money day and night. Most of the middle-class people do not only rely on a salary or one business. Many of them have side hustles and multiple companies, bringing them a good return. 

The high returns afford them a better lifestyle; no wonder many can afford to buy their favourite rides. 

There is such a high level of increased spending power with many people owning cars either due to peer pressure or afford them. 


The spirit of competition that most Kenyans take to heart has also influenced many people to buy cars to fit in their class of friends or workmates.


Whatever your reason is, owning a car is a necessity in Kenya. As a result, you can get to your appointments on time and move from point A to B with ease and peace of mind. 

Owning a car is the first step to freedom; with many good roads in Kenya, you can cruise to your next destination as you wish. full-width

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