Kihumo Kia Agikuyu tree photo
Agikuyu magic tree. PHOTO | MMX


The Mukurwe wa Nyagathanga altar found in Murang’a County is the origin of the Agikuyu community.

When you visit Mukurwe wa Nyagathanga also identified as ‘Kihumo kia Agikuyu’ (Source of the Agikuyu) or ‘Mucií wa Gíkúyú na Múmbi’ (the home of Gikuyu and Mumbi) there are numerous magical and astonishing aspects.

Just a few metres from the entry is a magical tree called Mukoe which, according to an instructor at the shrine, is a cross-pollination of Muhumo and Mukuyu tree that has a picture of human’s male and female sexual organs.

“As can be seen, a full-blown female organ appears on the right side of the tree while the male organ sleeps on the left,” the instructor described.

The instructor also disclosed that part of the tree is a cure to so many conditions and ailments, for instance, if your child loses appetite, he/she simply needs to take a glass of the tree’s juice.

The instructor added that juice is also vital in correcting broken or rocky marriages.

“You need to take a glass of this tree’s juice two times and you will see positive results,” the instructor said.

According to the instructor, the altar is monitored 24/7 to protect the tree which is in high demand for those who know its secrets.

Under the tree is where Gikuyu and Mumbi were said to have met and it’s a place people travel only for prayers across the entire Mt Kenya region.

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