Young Njita & MitaaKisauni
Young Njita & MitaaKisauni on the left.

It has been long time now since two of Malindi most popular Hip hop artists the self-proclaimed Hip hop legendary Mitaa Kisauni and Young Njita who is named as the President of new school Hip hop across the coast started beefing each other. 


Their beef now is re-corning new  levels and it shows no signs of cooling down soon. Over the past few days, the hip hop artists has been ganging each other on online rap battle which is bringing back to life pure entertainment via Hip Hop across the Kenyan coast music scene. 

Young Njita & MitaaKisauni
MitaaKisauni on a past interview via Spice Ent. Magazine

Njita is claiming that he is more superior than MitaaKisauni, and so he should stop boasting around and calling himself a legendary while he is not well known. 


''Anajiita mkongwe na hajulikani, inabidi anishukuru maana baada ya kumdiss ndio sasa watu wanamfuatilia.'' said Njita on a past interview with a certain media. 



On the other side, MitaaKisauni is claiming that Njita is a small kid who needs to shut down his mouth and follow advises from elderly people like him if he needs to make it big in the music game. 



Due to this fuss, already there is a rap-battle which its date has not yet been released but rumours have it that, one of them will be returning back home with a winning prize of total amount 50k while the second runners up with be getting 20K.

Young Njita & MitaaKisauni
Young Njita

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