Kidnapped in the house

Kenya is among the safest countries in Africa with no kidnapping cases and cases of trafficking. However all have changed for the past year, these cases have surged. 

Many people are shocked to ask themselves how human traffickers are truly performing in Kenya.

Three out of the ten cases reported of missing adults are of those who have been trafficked. 

According to a woman who was kidnapped in Nairobi but survived after escaping narrowly, it's true that there is human trafficking in Kenya.

The woman was snatched by strangers on her way home from work. She was walking when a car slowed down next to her and three strong men descended.

One of the men wrapped up her mouth while the other two held up her and packed her into the car boot. 

She was driven to an unknown place and all she could recall was that they passed a forest.

She listened to the men talking about having four fewer people to transport to their clients. 

According to how this woman comprehended their dialogue, the guys abduct people and transport them to other countries or some isolated parts of the country to be used as slaves. 

They are then paid according to the number of people that they have kidnapped.

Some of the people who were seized could be sold to some rich individuals so that they could use them for rituals and body spare parts.

The woman was sent to a deserted house that had almost thirty people.

She was told that the house was going to be her new home and all her identifiable documents and devices containing her phone, ID,  job pass was taken away from her.

One day while she was in that house, she glimpsed via the window and saw a small escape route from that house. 

The other people worried to flee due to the threats that they had been given.

The woman struggled to find her way to the road and inquired for help from a stranger who drove her to town and she later used the stranger's phone to call her husband who came to her rescue. 

She does not remember the precise place where the house was but she believes that she was driven to Kiambu by the kidnappers.

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