paraphenalia associated with dark magic and withcraft linked to Tala Woman Ghanian boyfriend
Some  paraphenalia associated with dark magic and withcraft.

Athi River detectives arrests a Ghanaian national believed of collecting Ksh.9 million from woman who is a senior manager at a money lending company, Tala Agencies, on Monday.

The Woman from the prominent lending company Tala, met the Ghanaian national Victor Anane, on an online dating site.

The police stated in their report that the Ghanaian introduced himself as a miracle-working preacher assist the senior manager get promoted at work instantly.

“He also pledged to assist in turning her fortunes around, if she fell in love with him,” the police report illustrates.

According to operatives examining the case, the woman fell in love the fake man of god and began dating him.

“The two dated for a while and as their love blossomed, the lady was invited to the man’s residence at Transview estate in Athi River,” the police report understands.

It’s however remains unclear what happenpired in the house, but detectives believe the woman wired at least Ksh.9 million to her boyfriend at the time.

“Some of the money she is believed to have given him had been obtained from accounts belonging to Tala agencies,” the detectives said.

Everything was haywire when she visited the ‘preachers’ house before she discovered paraphenalia associated with dark magic and withcraft.

“What was meant to be an emotional date whirled terrible, as the woman demanded to know how the man of the cloth she had fallen in love with, possessed paraphernalia associated with dark powers,” the report report explains.

The TALA woman took to her heels shortly after, having found out that she had been played.

A raid to the suspect’s house on Monday led to the spotting of the witchcraft paraphenalia and some Ksh.76,000 in fake currency.

Wash wash print counterfeit currency materials were also found.

Now the probe has disclosed that the suspect, who masquerades as pretenceer, approaches love-sick women and pledges to turn their lives around.

Police detained the suspect and will be arraigned on charges of obtaining money by false pretence

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