[VIDEO] Former Citizen Actress Maria wa Kitaa shows off her new boyfriend amid speculations
Yasmeen Said well known as Maria Wa Kitaa photo

Yasmeen Said well known as Maria Wa Kitaa, a popular actress in the just concluded citizen tv show Maria blast the Internet after posting her new boyfriend. 

Because of her stature for retaining a high level of privacy in her personal life, little is known about her other than what she selects to share with the world through the media and the internet.

Yasmeen Said well known as Maria Wa Kitaa

The internet had recently implied that Maria was having an affair with her former colleague Luwi, but she has categorically refuted the claims grounded against her. 

Yasmeen Said well known as Maria Wa KitaaYasmeen Said well known as Maria Wa Kitaa

The claims arose from the fact that Maria and Luwi expropriate identities from a local television drama show in which they featured as partners and then used that in other scenes. 

Maria's new social media post, in which she seemed to be in the company of an unidentified male, provoked the attention of her enthusiasts even more. 

As they accompany themselves in a new viral video, the majority of online users conclude that the man could be eating Maria's apples as a boyfriend.

Maria went on to contain the gentleman's name in the explanation part of the social media post, which she later deleted.

 According to the man in his bio, he goes by the alias DJ Meek on social media sites such as Instagram and Facebook.

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