Embakasi East Mp hon Babu Owino with Asian soldiers photo

Embakasi East Mp hon Babu Owino reveals that ODM Party is on the move with other parties in place to guarantee that their 2022 Candidate Raila Odinga emerges with a Landslide win in the centre of the Competition.

Among the important issues that the legislator has been touching on, comprise his undertakings to persuade the other former NASA coalition members to come together and help Raila's Presidency. 

The move has been criticised because all four members now want to be affirmed to compete for the Presidency.

Speaking via his Facebook handle, the Embakasi Mp shared a photo of him with Military Officers from another Country that He didn't mention.

 The controversial MP added that they were His friends and their conversations revolved around matters of security between their Home Country and Embakasi East.

Embakasi East Mp hon Babu Owino with Asian soldiers photo

He also inquired the Military Men to organize and offer security to Raila Odinga in 2022 because He will be the president-elect of the Republic of Kenya something that did not go well with Kenyans. 

This announcement tossed Babu at the receiving end, with Kenyans implicating him of trying to bring the people from other Countries to interfere with the affairs of Kenya. 

As a member of the inner circle of the ODM party, Babu has a past of protecting Raila Odinga and the whole ODM Brigade particularly from 2017 when elections were encountering problems from all sides of the Nation.

He was yelling over the systemic Electoral Fraud.

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