Rayvanny and his ex-wife Fayhma photo

Zari hits out for making devaluing comments to Rayvannys ex wife Fayhma after her husband commemorated his new teenage girlfriend online.

Rayvanny and Paula are now going together and showing off their beautiful couple periods online.

Paula commemorated her birthday on Friday July 16th and during the party he praised with cosy positions with her and later cut cake together. 

Rayvanny and Paula during the celebrations dubbed themselves the Bonnie and Clyde much to the recreation of  fans.

Rayvanny and his ex-wife Fayhma photo

Zari now seems to have been pursuing their scandal and in a new post on Instagram taunted Fayhma for being thrown away for a teenager.

Zari humiliated Fayhma in an Advert for tissue paper saying, “Mchongo uko ivi..sikuizi hartuende kurpga tena wanaume zetu, ni mwendo wa kuwafulia nguo kwa #kleesoft.. Usichekwe huko mitani kama shogaangu aliyeibiwa mume ni mwendo a #kleesoft tuu, yenye harufu nzuri povu kama lote kwa buku moja tu”

Nevertheless, Zari also blasted and reminded that she too lost her man to a younger girl Hamisa.

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