Dubai, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) artificial rainfall  photo
Artificial rainfall in Dubai.


Dubai, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), creates a fake rainfall to cool the city over the soaring temperatures.

Videos shared on social media by the UAE meteorological department revealed a heavy artificial downpour in Ras al Khaimah, the northern part of UAE.

The scientists used the cloud seeding process, which uses electrical charges to provoke rainfall.

The rainmaking technology depends on drones which release electrical charges into clouds, prompting them to combine and create rain.

The technology is valued than other forms of cloud seeding because it uses electricity to generate rain rather than chemicals.

“What we are trying to do is to make the droplets inside the clouds big enough so that when they fall out of the cloud, they survive down to the surface,” meteorologist Keri Nicoll said in May.

The country gets an aggregate of 4 inches of rain per year and summer temperatures that regularly exceed 120 degrees.

In 2017, UAE financed over Ksh1.6 billion in 9 rainmaking projects to help the country’s falling water table.

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