Nairobi Provincial Police Chief Timothy Muumbo death

The body of former Nairobi Provincial Police Chief Timothy Muumbo which has been lying at Lee Funeral Home since 2015 as the family fights over where he should be buried now accrues Sh 10 Million.

Muumbo was amongst the initial cadre of Kenyan police officers to be equipped at the Scotland Yard, the UK in the 1950s.

He succumbed to a heart attack in 2015 leaving behind an estate worth over Sh1Bn and a broken family that has seen his burial delayed for over 6 years. 

However, things took a quick turn after it was found out that some of his organs had been removed.

Former Chief Government Pathologist Dr Moses Njue was implicated in cutting the organs raising anxieties on the death.

On May 15 2018, Dr Njue and his son were charged with stealing a heart from the corpse in Nairobi in 2015 at the Lee Funeral Home.

At the beginning of the disaster was the conflict over where the burial of Timothy could take place because he was a polygamous man whose both wives are also died. 

A part of the family has liked for him to be laid to rest in Mwingi, his ancestral home and also where his first wife was buried. The other sect is arguing about him being buried at his second wife’s home.

Mwinzi Muumbo who’s the firstborn halted the collection of the body when the family of the first wife had gone to collect for burial. 

He used a court order permitting him to allow the body to be collected from Lee to stop arranged collection.

 Mwinzi is noted to be leaning towards the second wife’s family.

The body has accrued Sh 10 Million in mortuary fees.

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