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Prominent award-winning Kenyan rapper Francis Amisi, well known as Frasha now trends on social media after a horrible expose alleging that he attacked a female upcoming artist for declining his flesh for flesh thirst.

According to the musician known as Phieso, the singer wanted to eat her raw but she argued on using protection leading to his vicious response.

Screenshots indicate that the girl has been happily having a personal relationship with Frasha before she chose to go public about his cheating.

” It’s time for this 45- year- old man to be called off. He has beaten me up because I asked him to use condom because I don’t do raw,”she wrote.

” Aki nahurimua bibi yake mbaya, but si ni life. Y’all at home thinking your men are faithful but ‘nasema woi woi woi jua ni kubaya.”

“Last year Frasha was obsessed with me, yani he to mad when I associated with anyone. Wah, he was so insecure while married, old and has kids,” Phieso said.

Phieso further divulged fears about her life saying that the musician could use his political influence to harm her.

“Sadly he is running for MCA 2022. He knows where I live in Kilimani because he has been there. If anything happened to me know it’s him. Today he beat me blue and pink,” she added.

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