Kaloleni MP Paul Katana photo
Kaloleni MP Paul Katana.

The Hustler Nation led by Deputy President William Ruto reap big in the coast as Jeff Riah and Gunga Junior, who had declared their interest to vie for the Kaloleni seat, shelves their ambitions and to combine efforts with Ruto foot soldier Paul Katana.

The duo has instead vowed to support the candidature of incumbent Paul Katana for his re-election whilst throwing their weight also to Malindi MP Aisha Jumwa Katana's gubernatorial race.

While joining Deputy President William Ruto at St.Patrick Church in Kilifi, Owen Baya introduced the duo fully to the Hustler Nation team.

Kaloleni aspirant MP Saro Tsuma photo
Kaloleni MP aspirant Saro Tsuma

However, Edward Saro Tsuma, who has been giving Paul Katana sleepless nights since 2017, maintains his stand firm support towards Jimmy Kahindi Kadhuwa's gubernatorial race.

He affirmed that he is ready to face Paul Katana together with his two new lieutenants who have merged with him.

Speaking to Saro Tsuma, the Kaloleni Politician talked about the new Paul Katana, Jeff Ria and Gunga Junior alliance saying,  "Politics revolves around the aspect of democracy and in politics every day we wake up with new formations."

"That doesn't come with surprise to see Jeff Ria and Ndoro alias Gunga Junior merging with Paul Katana, we expect many more re-alignments ahead of the 2022 general election and we are ready to face any formation,"  he added.

According to the sources privy to the merger, Jeff Ria and Gunga Junior have been promised by Aisha Jumwa county chief officer positions should Aisha Jumwa win the 2022 Kilifi Gubernatorial race.

The duo has affirmed their support for Paul Katana's re-election bid in Kaloleni while advised joining Aisha Jumwa's gubernatorial secretariat.


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  1. It's a high time we give saro the chance to showcase his ability to lead the kalolenians in the next five years.his vision for the people is valid and am pretty sure he can prove it by getting the chance


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