Luhya man chased by landlord for failing to seduce his daughter photo

A Luhya man in Kiembeni, Mombasa, was chased out by his landlord for purportedly failing to seduce her ageing daughter.

The 36 years old man was compelled to leave the house after frustrating the landlady who had even decided to give him a two-month rent-free period with the aim of tempting him to seduce her daughter.

The alleged daughter, 29,  who completed University education in 2015 had been staying in the house for quite some time with no boyfriend.

The landlady in the end chose to chase the man saying that he had lost patience with him following his failure.

The drama that accompanied the move attracted a huge crowd as residents wanted to know why the woman was throwing the man out yet he was ready to pay the rent.

This forced the landlady to admit the tenant wasn’t interested in marrying her daughter a reason why he had to vacate.

“You have disappointed me and today I have decided to chase you away from my plot,” the landlord with his wife told the man.

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