Nandi senator Samson Cherargei photo

Nandi Senator Samson Cherargei on July 22, asks DP William Ruto to select Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria as running mate. 

The Senator introduced the legislator to the residents of Nandi county saying they are praying that he (Kuria) becomes William Ruto's deputy president in 2022.

Speaking in Mosoriot town, the senator said Kuria fits deputising Ruto, strengthening that he has all it takes to be in that position.

"I have told him to relax there; who knows, he might be the running mate of William Ruto in 2022," Cherargei said.

The Senator declared that Kuria has been there for deputy president through thick and thin in the political arena; hence he is the best person to be Ruto's running mate.

"We have seen how Kuria has been fighting for Ruto through thick and thin and his constant support to Ruto, which indicates that he is the best for his position,' the politician said.

At the same time, he persuaded the residents of Nandi to register as voters.

"We only have one weapon that we have to win the 2022 presidential election, that is our votes; therefore, I want to encourage all eligible people to register as a voter so that come 2022, all of us can vote for William," the senator said.

Mp Moses Kuria said Ruto had sent him to represent him in a burial in Nandi because he was engaged elsewhere.

"I am here because the DP told me to come and represent him, and when your boss sends you, you don't delay you go; that is what I have done," Kuria said.

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