Jubilee Secretary General Raphael Tuju photo
Jubilee Secretary General Raphael Tuju.


Jubilee Secretary General Raphael Tuju roasted himself after deconstructing the DP William Ruto's economy Model.

A section of Kenyans took to social media also asking KFCB boss Ezekiel Mutua to take action against the Jubilee SG uncalled phrases.

Tuju called the Bottom UP economy model as " Matako Juu" approach.

Here are some comments from the people who accused Tuju of disrespect.

Tuju branding bottom-up approach matako juu in a broad daylight on national TV is uncalled. Even if you don't subscribe to it just disagree. Heshima si utumwa. Heshimu miaka yako.

Someone should check on Raphael Tuju's health he is going mad ,he calls Bottom up model matako juu ama aje.

Nominated MP David Ole Sankok hits back to Raphael Tuju for terming UDA's "Bottom-up" Economy approach "Matako Juu.".

 "Bottom up economy for drunkards is 1 for the road. It is worse for he who lost his wife to a watchman. He thinks of what he misses." said Sankok.

Glitters overshadow the subtle beauty. Same goes for publicity and authenticity. Tobiko started with clerk, Hustler clerks became a brand Tuju is now on the Bottom up Approach and believe me the matako juu approach is going to be the talk of the town

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