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Singer Ben Pol reveals why dumped the Keroche heiress Anerlisa Muigai in a rowdy move.

In a recent interview with 'Simulizi Na Sauti', the singer gave his part of the story that provoked his breakup.

The musician said insecurities are part of the reasons they broke up.

''When reports surfaced on social media, last year that we had split, things were bad. We were not on good terms. Things were bad from her side that Anerlisa sent him documents from lawyers asking for separation.''

The pair settled until February this year when they quarreled again.

However, her lawyers sent him divorce letters, in addition, asking him not to talk about his marriage.

''I think it was driven by a lot of insecurities and fear. People do so much when it comes to guarding their image brand. I think she felt that I know so much about her and that I would one day blast her.''

While asked to speak about how he handled men who sent Anerlisa Direct messages, Ben Pol said there was pressure as some of those DM's made her proud.

''Men who sent her DM's made her feel Proud but again, it is not the reason we parted.''
BenPol revealed that he is ready to love again.

''Never say never. I can't hold myself. I will marry again even next week. I go with the flow. I have not been hurt that much to say I will never get married. I feel jealous of those in marriage, but there is luck in marriage, you may do your best, but if the other person is not, then you can't succeed.''

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