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Just after the contentious blogger Robert Alai allegedly attacked gospel artist Ringtone Apoko, the Alai now links Ringtone to fake money and drugs conglomerates.

Alai insinuated that the ‘Tenda Wema’ hitmaker was protecting his business  behind music as his source of employment but his real business was ‘wash wash’ (money laundering) and cocaine trafficking.

Even before Alai’s revelations, curious Kenyans had challenged the singer’s source of income after he ranted numerous times in full glow of cameras of how wealthy he is.

However, Ringtone alleged that Alai wished to pay off him with two hundred thousand shillings to revoke the attack lawsuit. 

Ringtone claims that he dismissed the offer since that cash is pocket change to him.

gospel artist Ringtone Apoko,

He bragged of living in a Kenyan shillings 100 million mansion in the posh Runda neighbourhood that has buildings from the high and mighty in the society ranging from profitable businessmen, tycoons, politicians and corporate executives.

Exceptional Kenyans could not believe how a mid-level gospel musician could have the money for all that luxury while the Kenyan entertainment industry does not pay that much.


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