Drama ensued after a man snatched a phone from Police Woman, later arrested
policewoman was an undercover on a duty to nab criminals photo

On Wednesday, August 18, 2021, a young man grabbed a phone from a policewoman at noon and dramatically arrested.

Authorities say the policewoman was an undercover on a duty to nab criminals in the area.

Witnesses say that the young man quietly walkolled swiftly towards the woman not knowing she was a police officer and jerked her phone before running towards CBD on Muranga Road.

“It was a surprise event when we heard a scream from a lady whom we later learnt was a police officer. She shortly gave the young man a chase and with two gunshots in the air the public got alerted and he was nabbed and finally got arrested “

The cop made few gunshots in the air to frighten the running thief and also notify the public to batch him. 

Luckily, members of the public intercepted him and were later arrested.

He was handcuffed and taken to Central Police Station for further questioning.

Globe Roundabout is home to thieves that businessmen say have lost valuables and wants police officers to man the area frequently.

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