Officer Daniel Sembe and colleague fighting each other photo

Two Police officers at Kapsambu Police Post in Bungoma County beat and hurt each other after one of them found his partner urinating at his doorstep.

Their neighbours and area chief was forced to intervene and separate the two. The fight had attracted a huge crowd that had come to witness the damaging drama.

Official police reports indicate that one of the officers was beaten by his colleague together with his wife.

 ” It was reported by the officer Paul Gitangita that he had been assaulted by Daniel Sembe and his wife Rose Sembe using a stone occasioning a deep cut wound on his forehead,” read the OB report in part.

Officer Daniel Sembe also claimed that his partner was assaulted by his partner, who is his senior, causing him a deep cut wound on his left lower leg.

Police boss Abdoo Kiptoo visited the scene and confirmed that the two officers had engaged in a quarrel where Gitangita alleged that Sembe has a habit of urinating at his door.

Kiptoo said necessary action had already been taken pending disciplinary action against the two.

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