Kilifi County Senatorial aspirant George Kithi photo

Kilifi County Senatorial aspirant George Kithi has condemned the demolition of houses in Nayeni area on Wednesday night.

In a press briefing to the media, Kithi condemned the act and demanded that all officials responsible for the demolition be held accountable. 

He added that those involved to resolve immediately or else he himself would take the matter to court and file a case in court on behalf of the residents.

He regretted that the situation in which the evacuation took place was at night while the families in the area were asleep, saying it was a gross violation of human rights.

In the statement, Kithi said it was clear that the perpetrators of the demolition had violated the law because if they had court documents and legal compliance, then they would have carried out the operation during the day.

Kilifi County Senatorial aspirant George Kithi  photo

He also added that children's rights were seriously violated by forcing them to stay out of the cold, warning that he would not tolerate Kiligi residents continuing to be harassed by police officers.

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