Betway Jackpot bonuses availed. Betway introduces new jackpots

Betway announce the launch of newly Betway Jackpots which will be live in Zambia, Ghana and Nigeria.


How does it work? 

Two upcoming games are put into 2 Jackpots.  A "Pick 5" and "Pick 13". 

Players will then have to select the correct outcomes for all 5 or 13 games to win the jackpot prize.


The Jackpot also gives fixed consolation prizes, so even if you are not a jackpot winner, players still have a chance of winning.  


" We believe this new product will help many people getting back lost profits. Betway halted Jackpots for over a year and now we are getting back, " betway CEO Anthony Werkman said.

Betway now comes with reviewed bonuses for the players.

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