Law Society of Kenya president Nelson Havi photo

Law Society of Kenya president Nelson Havi says it's sufficient for what he has done and ready to exit.

In a tweet on Monday, the President said the society will comprise of an electoral board and approve IEBC to administer the LSK elections next year.

“With over 20 Judgments against Government, advisory for dissolution of Parliament and stop of BBI we have done enough,” he said in a tweet announcing his exit.

Havi added that his last assignment will be administering the LSK SGM on September 24, 2021.

"We will constitute the Elections Board and approve IEBC to conduct elections on 17-3-2022."

Havi was elected on February 27, 2020, defeating 3 other candidates who competed for the presidency.

He was ordained to administer a two-year term.

The other candidates who contested are lawyers Harriette Chiggai, Maria Mbeneka and Charles Kanjama.

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