Raila Odinga's advisor Silas Jakakimba photo

Raila Odinga's assistant Silas Jakakimba proposes leaving his baby mama in shock. 

Jakakimba knelt and proposed to his girlfriend known as Florence in an exclusive setting. 

Wearing red, Florence was shocked with a decorated room filled with rose petals and champagne ready to celebrate the sentimental event. 

Sharing on social media, Jakakimba celebrated her fiancee' whom he termed as his decent pal. 

"Here is to the woman that’s good and sweet, here’s to the true woman, that’s real; here’s to the woman that forever rules my Heart, here’s to you, Nyasuba - a thing of beauty is a joy forever, here’s to you my Friend. What a Beautiful Soul," he shared.

Jakakimba is Raila Odinga's senior adviser at the Capitol Hill office and a father of 3 boys. 

Raila Odinga's advisor Silas Jakakimba photo

However, Jakakimba has been in and out of court with baby mama battling divorce.

He has been accused of failing to provide upkeep for the kids while Jakakimba accused baby mama of denying him access to his kids.

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