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Kalekye Mumo opens up about her being single for the longest time.

Kalekye added that it is not that she wants to stay single but finding a good man and settling down in marriage is hard in the streets.

She has attempted to date but all in vain.

Kalekye is among the most successful media personalities in Kenya, however, finding a man to date has been the hardest case.

The former Kiss FM presenter revealed her effort to find the right man for her during an interview on NTV.

Talking with allies during a chat show discussing “what men really want” together with other guests, Kalekye remarked that she is having a hard time discovering the true person to date.

“As an empowered woman, as a woman who has worked hard has been seen to do many things it has been difficult for me to date,” said Kalekye.

The media personality further illustrated that she is still single because of the belief that an empowered woman cannot listen or rather be respectful to a man.

“I am still single because there is that belief that you are now a woman who now cannot listen, will not help me whereas the truth is if I have worked harder am doing well I should be able to help even more,” said Kalekye.

At the age of 45, Kalekye Mumo is still single and childless. Many believe she could end up like Caroline Mutoko who decided to adopt children.

Just like Kalekye, Caroline Mutoko is a successful woman who made a name for herself in the media industry but in terms of marriage, she has failed to find Mr Right.

48-year-old Caroline has so far adopted two children, it’s is still secret whether she is dating or raising her children as a single parent.

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